Providers of grassroots sport and gym/leisure facilities

Providers and operators of space enabling the following activities and facilities may reopen if they are allowed to do so by law (see guidance on which businesses remain closed), ready to do so and can do so safely, following public health guidance. The below activities and facilities are to be permitted (either in law or supporting guidance) from the dates listed.

From 11 July:

  • organised team sports outdoors – subject to the relevant sport’s guidance being published
  • outdoor waterparks and swimming pools
  • outdoor hot tubs
  • outdoor hydrotherapy pools
  • outdoor whirlpools
  • outdoor jacuzzis.
  • outdoor sport and physical activity participation events

From 25 July:

  • indoor gyms
  • fitness and dance studios
  • indoors sports venues and facilities
  • indoor swimming pools
  • indoor hot tubs
  • indoor hydrotherapy pools
  • indoor whirlpools
  • indoor jacuzzis