Up to date with the Renovations

Sorry the BLOG has been quiet, our end of season renovations are in full flow and not late (like was mentioned in the press by one of our hires!) and are eagerly awaiting the new seed to germinate to the two and three leaf stage, so you can start mowing. Irrigation is essential to help seed germinate and, with the lack of rainfall and dry winds experienced recently, it is important to put moisture back into the ground to prevent the turf from becoming stressed, we have applied a wetting agent to hold the moisture into the root or the plant as we only have a limited water supply and this will help keep the moisture in and around the roots, particular as we had a dry June and some of July, one of the hottest and driest months of the summer. We have been applying a liquid seaweed can help bridge the gap between the resource in the endosperm and the poorly developed young plant. The seaweed will also satisfy the requirements of the soil food web, giving young plants the benefit of everything available in the soil, promoting good health through the season.